How A Lot Of This Letter Applies Even Now.

I am not well. I don’t *do* being ill. I grumble and get on with it. However, this week it has just taken me over. I wasn’t right at work on Monday, I couldn’t concentrate and felt all woozy, and when I went to see Chicago last night (incidentally, fabulous) I couldn’t eat any of my meal. Got home last night and upchuck was everywhere. BRILLIANT! The worst thing is that I am missing Beave’s Hen Do tonight (I am so sorry, I wanted a limo ride and Beave masks 😦 Have some gin for me xx).

Have spent the day in bed, feeling sorry for myself, thinking about things. I have let this slide (cue chorus of I told you so’s) and maybe pledged allegiance to Pinterest. I lost my mojo. Then today I remembered the “Dear Me” project which I found a few years ago. It’s a book in which a handful of authors write a letter to their 16 year old self, advising and soothing. I found mine and thought I would share it today.


Dear Zoë

Do stick out this final year at school. I know you hate it right now, but the grades you end up getting make it worth it.

Do speak up when you know what you want to do with your life, and at university. It isn’t French.

Do say no to Rain/Echos/the Union once in a while. You won’t miss anything

Do make an effort to stay in touch with old friends.

Do make an effort with the Leyshon girls. They are the closest thing you have to sisters and its definitely worth having them onside as you’ll be seeing a lot more of them.

Do keep hold of your folders. When Sophie and Nat come round they create much amusement.

At the Leaver’s Doo in 2004, that thing you really really want to tell everyone… it if you feel it will change things, but 8 years down the line I can tell you it doesn’t.

Call your grandparents at least twice a week. Yes they whitter but it makes them very happy.

DON’T CUT OFF YOUR HAIR IN 2005!! It’ll take 4 years to get it to any sort of reasonable length, and even then you won’t be happy with it. Don’t go any blonder, don’t start straightening it and move to a side parting. Now!

Don’t spread gossip about work colleagues. In fact….steer clear of gossip altogether. Everything comes out in the end anyway.

Don’t get the taxi with Bruce at Christmas. It’s a move he pulls regularly.

At Jack’s 18th party find a small glass for your drink. Yes everyone else is drunk when you get there, but you’ll catch them up in your own sweet time. To this day you can’t touch peach schnapps.

John…..just go with it. It’ll break your heart but if you say yes at the first opportunity then you’ll have a lot more time to discover how very special a person he is.

Open up to your friends. They only want the best for you. And you can trust them. Doesn’t feel like it I know. But you can. Listen to them too. They deserve it.

Try to live with Jem/Anna/Jess in your second year. They’re the friends you’ll keep and you will want to kill the girls you think you want to live with.

When Mads is cursing boys in 3rd year, encourage her to go after that tall bloke from JCs. It all works out amazingly well, and you get to be bridesmaid.

Keep going with WW. I know February 2009 is a hard time to get through as your main cheerleader has gone, but he would have been the one cursing you for putting the weight back on, make him proud in his absence.

The crushes never stop coming but nothing comes of them….its important to have someone lovely to look at but don’t spend so much time infatuated. A lot of them you’ll be friends with later on, and then its just embarrassing!

Jane needs you. Be there every step of the way, it’s a rough couple’a years for her

All in all there aren’t many regrets your 24 year old self has. Just keep strong and stick to your principles. Speak your mind and maybe say no to a dessert once in a while. 24 year old you would like that!

As you can see…..straight and to the point still isn’t your thing. And unfortunately your indecisive nature doesnt get any better with time

Chill out and everything’s gonna work out just right.

Bo xx

p.s. Storage is invaluable. Encourage your parents, when they refurb in 2004, that you need heaps of storage space. Trust me on this one.


The funny thing is, three years after writing this, I’m still kind of in the same place. Which makes me a little sad, that I haven’t really moved on. The coming week I shall dedicate to hedonism, BFF times and getting on the beers (once my stomach has settled and I can at least keep a mouthful of something from coming back up again), but as of 1st April, I shall restart. Promise.

And I need my friends, those who are reading this, to be harsh with me..I want to look ok this summer. And I can’t be happy with the way I look if I carry on the way that I am going.

Over, out, schnogs, blah