OMFG Friday Fiver

What more do we need on this slightly blustery Friday than to blow away the cobwebs and get the party started? I have a rare Saturday off tomorrow, so to  Manchester I go tonight to visit Patsy, imbibe some alcohol and have a casual brunch in the morning.

So Fridays = music to get the weekend going. And below are my choices for this week – inspired by my 16 year old self squeezing onto the dance floor in Browns in a fish net neon pink top.

This  – stick till half way through, nice little surprise!♦ TwoThree  – ♥ swoooon ♥ ♦ FourFive


Z xxx

Thursday’s Perve Day

Because everyone needs a little eye candy in their life.

And it’s Adam.

And they have just released their new video which you can see here. I know one reader will be THRILLED with my choice 🙂

Thursday is Perve Day. Yeeaaaahh Buddy!


What The… Wednesday

So Wednesdays are going to be a little bit quirky and off the wall..hopefully I can link it to weddings where I can (as everyone knows, my obsession for them knows no bounds!), but if I just see something that amuses or confounds me, here is where I will share it.

So today, courtesy of Kat Williams, the queen of RocknRoll Bride, (go to wedding blog for..well all weddings that aren’t run of the mill. Isn’t that all weddings nowadays?!) please find the most awesome of awesome engagement shoots. Not sure many of my friends would agree to this, but it looks like a whole lot of fun!!

Also, cast your eyes to the right and you’ll see some buttons – how to find me on Pinterest (OBSESSED), Twitter and Instagram.

Loves, smooches and much dreaming of cake


How In 11 Months Time…

…I’ll be glad I started today.

Once more, dear friends, once more into the breach I go. Weight watchers this time, in order to feel fabulous for Little J (not so little anymore she growed up..and soon to be Mrs J. Or S. Weird!) and her Willie’s wedding. I was hit with the blinding realisation last night that this momentous occasion is 11 months to this very day and I’ll be damned if I’m going to be the token fat one yet again. I have put on all but 2.5lbs of the weight that I lost in the first few months of the year. Tut Tut ZD, Tut Tut.

2 weeks ago me, Mrs T2B and Long Distance Bridesmaid headed to the fair (not so fair on this particular day) city of  Manchester to try on some bridesmaids dresses. It wasn’t to fine “the one”, per say, but to find a style that will suit all of the girls. I’m the shortest and biggest, LDB is probably the tallest and around the same dress size as 2 of the others. So it’s no mean feat trying to find a style that suits us all!

Something to think about Mrs T2B!

Yes there are 18 months to go before Mrs T2B marries the wonderful Mr T, but it’s never too soon to start. What the day held in store was laughs (satin is a no go for everyone), disappointment (bridesmaids dresses that aren’t satin are hard to find and black is nigh on impossible) and, on my part, frustration. I lost count of how many times I said “Well, I’ll try it on to give you an idea but it wont fit me”. Not one dress that I tried on would do up. And I had the super attractive nude sucky inny pants on. Mortifying.

This occasion calls for really big knickers

I know that it’s all my own doing. I know that I am lazy and that I need to make positive changes. Which I am now doing. Mrs T2B has lost a phenomenal amount of weight for the amount of time she has been on WW (please don’t go too far..) and looks fabulous, BFF has done the same, now it’s my turn. 3 years ago, at G’s 21st I look so happy, this is what I need to get back too – goodbye land of photos taken from above to hide the double chin, see ya putting cushions in front of me when I sit down, sayonara wearing blazers everytime I go out just so no one sees my arms. I am done.

So. I will be updating this more regularly, with a post every Tuesday to see how I’m getting on, then daily posts with little things that have made me smile or kept me going. These will be themed..I’ll have to get thinking of some witty names!

Matthe McConaughey. Why the hell not.

Failure to Launch is on, what a film.

Anywho. Manchester on Friday woo-ahoo! 14 days till holidays woo-ahoo! Then it’s Lakes, Ball, Lakes, BarBeDew…fabulous darling.