A Very Late Night Tuesday Museday



I know why though and am determined not to fall into the trap this weekend of a “day off”.

Which will be hard with my parents 30th wedding anniversary. But stay clear of the bread and the wine and the Malibu and everything is gonna be ok!

In other news..my new baby becomes mine in approximately 12 hours time 🙂

Shoot, need to sort my insurance..eek!

Night all





Monday, Bloody Monday


UGH!!!!!! The wagon is so far ahead of me since I fell off it on Thursday I need to hitch a ride to catch it up.

I started 12 days of annual leave last Wednesday and went up to Windermere on Thursday. It’s so peaceful up there I love it. However, going up there means one thing only – eating. And as much as I wanted to stick to and count my ProPoints, I just couldn’t. I had ice cream, I had steak and chips, I had far too much wine and to round it off I went to a ball on Saturday where the food was so awful I drank more wine to compensate. I ate all day yesterday and today have been eating chocolate. Water is defeating me and I hated the way I looked on Saturday, fat shiny fat face.

I’m not trying to make excuses but I find it super difficult when I’m at home a lot of the time because it is a house filled with food! Having a brother like I do means that he has to eat pretty much all the time and although my will power was super strong right now I’m a bit ambivalent towards everything. I will start strong tomorrow morning, until Saturday where it is the BarBeDew and all hell will no doubt break loose. I have to bake a bazillion cakes, try getting through that without eating some of the batter!!

So, tomorrow. Tomorrow I will start the day with cereal as I have been doing for the past two weeks, I’ll have some fruit and yoghurt mid morning then probably a massive salad somewhere for lunch. Unsure what we are having in the evening, but I really need to concentrate on this, it’s for my benefit after all, no one else’s. It’s up to me to make this change – no one else is going to give a shit about if I have lost weight, I’m the one it ultimately is affecting so GO ZO!

The other thing I need to remember is that I started the C25K programme last week and am – shock horror – actually enjoying it so far?! I went out last night in the wind and the rain and it was invigorating to have a purpose to keeping fit. I start week two tomorrow which ups the running time – I am hoping that at some point this year I will be able to do a sponsored run or something? I don’t know! It has definitely helped having a running partner and I need to realise  that doing all of this isn’t a quick fix, it is a change for life and these positive changes I am making will ultimately make me a stronger person in the long run.

I know it is a bit of a serious one today. I found this blog today which is so inspirational. I don’t think that I will ever want to do a marathon or iron man (iron woman?!) but knowing that there are others who have been there and found it hard makes me see a chink of light at the end of the tunnel. Weigh in and measurements tomorrow. GA!

Being told over the weekend some home truths hurt me, but I know that I will be a stronger person because of it and who knows when I am at that dream weight maybe I will meet my prince? Here’s hoping…


OMFG Friday Fiver

So, whilst searching for a new car (Harrison is in his twilight years – sidenote when I do get a new car (s)he’ll have to have a name as witty as Harrison’s!) I was interrupted by a text from LT-the nice one not the manwhore. It expressed her love for a certain Pop Idol winner, knowing that I would agree. Therefore, today’s Friday Fiver is dedicated to the beautiful gay men that women adore and wish swung their way…what a loss to women kind.

1) Mr Will Young a.k.a Mr Pop Idol

I cried when I found out that Will Young was gay. First reality show I was really rooting for a contestant and was slightly in love with someone who wasn’t a Backstreet Boy and he likes boys too. Hmm. HOWEVER – he just get’s better and better with age. His  latest song is just sublime but going back further, this, this and definitely this are such great pop songs and the way that he keeps evolving as an artist I will always love him despite my lady parts.

2) Mr Neil Patrick Harris a.k.a Mr Legen-waitforit-dary

Ok, so whilst he might not be on everyone’s radar,  NPH has to have some major high fives from my corner. The fact that he plays womaniser Barney on How I Met Your Mother is amahzing enough without throwing the stints on Broadway and triple Tony Awards hosting on top of that. He is daddy to a super cute pair of twins, is massively loved up *sigh*….what isn’t to love about this dude?!

3) Mr Rock Hudson a.k.a Mr Hollywood Glamour

As someone growing up in a household obsessed with old movies, Rock Hudson was a big feature in our house. Obviously I didn’t find out till I was quite a bit older that this gorgeous glamorous man from the 1950s actually loved men. And men loved him back. Who can blame them?!

4) Mr Freddie Mercury a.k.a Mr Killer Queen

There is something undeniably beautiful about Freddie. Whether it’s because he was such an enormous talent, or that he didn’t really care what anyone thought about him (a trait I wish I possessed), or that he was part of one of Britain’s best band ever, or simply for the tache (and we all know how I feel about taches..) he just had this presence that was undeniable and the fact he was gay..well it didnt seem to matter. Or that’s how I see it anyway.

5) Mr Rupert Everett a.k.a Mr Best Friend

All girls my age have a special place in their hearts for R.E. Mainly because of his role in My Best Friend’s Wedding – all of us want a gorgeous best friend like George, who is gay, but will step in at the last minute to help us steal back the love of our life from the love of their lives. Someone who will chip off a face mask that’s been on too long, or talk to us when we’re too drunk to function. And he’s just so terribly English! He might have been dabbling in a bit of surgery in recent years, but I still have a soft spot for Rupes.

Notable mentions – Russell Tovey (so cute), Scott Mills (love), Jeremy Sheffield (hunky), Matt Bomer (HOT!)


currently enjoying some wine (norty!) but I did have a piece of Aero tonight and declined anymore – the taste was so sweet I couldn’t take it. Once more day at work till a day off searching for a new car AND a night out to look forward to. Huzzah!

Happy weekend pardy people


Thursday’s Perve Day!

Once again it is time to show some appreciation for the gorgeousness of males.

Today, after much deliberation, I think there is a need to give some love to Mr Ryan Gosling.

Those cheekbones, the jaw line, the eyes…The Notebook

The strong silence of Drive

…and Crazy, Stupid Love.

And this video. So funny.

Thank you, RG. Thank you *swoon*.

p.s pleasebechristiangrey

What The..Wednesday

Today I am totes blogged out! I have spent the majority of my day updating and rearranging the blog at work – the fruits of my labour can be seen here. So pleased with myself! Now onto my bloggy-baby!

It’s WTF Wednesday again and perusing my Pinterest board I spotted a photo that made me laugh when I first saw it I had to share it again. It came from this website and to be honest I’d be hard pressed to pick a favourite..cats and moustaches, what’s not to love?!

To keep it fair, my favourite tumblr site at the moment has to be this at the moment. Too too funny!

In keeping with my last Wednesday post, Wednesdays are also my wedding splurge days and as it is Independence day I felt I should hop across the pond for this…a “wed site” telling the bride and groom’s story – so freaking cool! Thank you to Rock and Roll Bride for uncovering this gem!

When perusing Pinterest for ideas to throw at Mrs T2B I came across these awesome ideas for a guest book alternative..go on..check ’em out!

Also I found a 30 day photo challenge..seemed quite fitting for me. So, along with my daily musings, I’ll be taking part. It’ll be fun. Trust me.

TTFN muckers..


Tuesday Newsday

..aka how my week has gone!

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment

Brilliant news!! So so pleased with myself!!

Yes I do feel I have the right to be a little bit smug today. Especially as I think it now validates the £44 I spent in Asda on WW products yesterday :/

This week has been quite quiet. I enjoyed my night in Manchester with Patsy, highlights included awkward turtle, horse semen, lesbos, HELLO WE ARE SOBER and Patsy’s comedy fall. Good times 🙂

Pleased to say that although I was more careful with what I was drinking I didn’t limit myself. And at breakfast (during which there appeared to be a monsoon happening outside!) I managed to abstain from the butter and the hollandaise and stuck to eggs on toast with a very healthy smoothie 🙂

Cravings have been quite hard this week, but I know that my body is getting used to the new way of eating. I haven’t felt hungry and I haven’t missed chocolate (nothing for a week now, or crisps!) I just am learning to substitute.

Having breakfast has also helped a lot, cereal and eggs (although not together..!) can’t beat them.

So yeah, as you can tell from the upbeat tone of this post I am very happy.

Other reasons to be joyful this week:

  • 6.5 days left at work till I’m on “me ‘olidays”
  • Mrs T2B coming to visit on Thursday
  • The knowledge that I have the next 3 Sundays off work
  • New car searching is my new addiction – yesterday it was Beetles, today Minis…
  • Ted is coming out SOON – if you haven’t seen the trailer you need to watch THIS (NSFW!)
  • Magic Mike is out even sooner (Channing! Alex! Joe! Matthew! Matt! Gaa!)

This is just a quick post today as am at work and I need to go back to making shizzle happen, but I had to share me joyous news before the feeling disappears!! I will probably write some more tonight.

Love, Peace and Low Fat Cheese Spread,

Z xx