Belated Tuesday Museday

Ok Ok Ok, I’m a day late. For good reason! The internet properly schitzed out last night followed by computer having a melt down but ANYWAY here I am.

This week. This week has been ok. My weight loss has continued but the inch loss wasn’t as good this week. With this in mind, last night I began a fitness regime. It’s called “C25K” and is from the NHS, so it’s gotta be good right? Basically it involves interval training, not a new concept, but for me it is something new to try. And HURRAH! It was OK! I survived, with the help of “Laura” on the podcast and the support of CL my new running partner we tore up made light work of managed to get up and down the part of the Guild wheel behind Broughton High twice plus a fair way down Sandy Gate Lane. Not sore today, but next go is tomorrow so I might well be sore on Friday!

Off to the Lakes tomorrow WOOHOO! Can’t wait. Gin, lime, wine and some food. Bliss. My little space of heaven. And Harrison’s final hurrah before I move on to smaller, redder things..all to be revealed!

I find that I am getting hungry, which is annoying. And I am sick of the sight of lettuce BUT it does make my meal go a lot further and it’s inoffensive enough so I will continue. Something has to work for me, right?!

Holidays started today, so this weekend is taken up with The Ball (I’m sure it’s going to kick off). Tanning and nails tomorrow, outfit is should be a super fun night.

Well, off I go into the night. To watch Caddyshack YES!

TTFN and all that jazz


p.s. Not many photos today, as the one below summed it all up really for me 🙂

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