What The..Wednesday

Today I am totes blogged out! I have spent the majority of my day updating and rearranging the blog at work – the fruits of my labour can be seen here. So pleased with myself! Now onto my bloggy-baby!

It’s WTF Wednesday again and perusing my Pinterest board I spotted a photo that made me laugh when I first saw it I had to share it again. It came from this website and to be honest I’d be hard pressed to pick a favourite..cats and moustaches, what’s not to love?!

To keep it fair, my favourite tumblr site at the moment has to be this at the moment. Too too funny!

In keeping with my last Wednesday post, Wednesdays are also my wedding splurge days and as it is Independence day I felt I should hop across the pond for this…a “wed site” telling the bride and groom’s story – so freaking cool! Thank you to Rock and Roll Bride for uncovering this gem!

When perusing Pinterest for ideas to throw at Mrs T2B I came across these awesome ideas for a guest book alternative..go on..check ’em out!

Also I found a 30 day photo challenge..seemed quite fitting for me. So, along with my daily musings, I’ll be taking part. It’ll be fun. Trust me.

TTFN muckers..


What The… Wednesday

So Wednesdays are going to be a little bit quirky and off the wall..hopefully I can link it to weddings where I can (as everyone knows, my obsession for them knows no bounds!), but if I just see something that amuses or confounds me, here is where I will share it.

So today, courtesy of Kat Williams, the queen of RocknRoll Bride, (go to wedding blog for..well all weddings that aren’t run of the mill. Isn’t that all weddings nowadays?!) please find the most awesome of awesome engagement shoots. Not sure many of my friends would agree to this, but it looks like a whole lot of fun!!

Also, cast your eyes to the right and you’ll see some buttons – how to find me on Pinterest (OBSESSED), Twitter and Instagram.

Loves, smooches and much dreaming of cake