OMFG Friday Fiver

What more do we need on this slightly blustery Friday than to blow away the cobwebs and get the party started? I have a rare Saturday off tomorrow, so to  Manchester I go tonight to visit Patsy, imbibe some alcohol and have a casual brunch in the morning.

So Fridays = music to get the weekend going. And below are my choices for this week – inspired by my 16 year old self squeezing onto the dance floor in Browns in a fish net neon pink top.

This  – stick till half way through, nice little surprise!♦ TwoThree  – ♥ swoooon ♥ ♦ FourFive


Z xxx

How I Love Aftenoon Tea

There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea. – Henry James

I have been counting down to today and I’ve only been in work for 5 days – I don’t know how normal nine-to-fivers do it! Blissful day off spent with our Aussie friend visiting Grandmama and stuffing my face with dainty finger sandwiches and mini cakes, with a big fat scone to finish off. Needless to say I had announced before I left that today, for the first time in 3 weeks, I was not going to count what I ate.

Afternoon tea was absolutely gorgeous, how can things that are so small taste so amazing?You also have to love the fact that there is a 4th meal in the day (I think it is meant to take the place of lunch, but whatever.)

Everyone should try to go to the Westminster Tea Rooms on Lord Street, it’s tiny and the waitresses wear really old school uniforms and there are beautiful old chandeliers. There is no AC but you don’t care because it’s so quaint and cute.

The having a day off thing may seem counterproductive, but I have been going a little stir crazy with the heeeeuge amounts of soup I have been consuming. I feel like the Jamie Oliver pan I use to make the soup in the first place. And the day off the wagon has made me feel horrendous, truly.

I think I have got my body through the cold turkey phase and I can’t handle the shite I used to eat. Yes, all the easter chocolate in the shops (side note: what the hell, its January!!) really makes me want a crème egg or a Malteaser bunny but I won’t have one because I don’t want to waste calories on something that will satisfy me for maybe. Next stage is to make my brain realise the difference between want and need.

The dictionary defines want as “to desire something: to feel a need or desire for something”. Need is defined as “to require something, to be necessary”. In my head the line between these two very different verbs is blurred at best.  Not to go all philosophical, but the way I am looking at it is that I have to reprogram my brain and slowly but surely things seem to be going my way.

I think I’m going to take Aussie girl to Manchester tomorrow. I was going to take her to Liverpool but I don’t know it as well and it is easier and quicker to get to Manc. Bit of a wander around the shops and a few cocktails – amazing.

I’m going to Manchester again on Friday for the weekend and am seriously counting down. I love going because it feels like going back to uni and not having anyone to answer to is amazing. A mini staycation for ZD. And I am planning on getting seriously drunk.

I have lost another 3.5lbs, bringing the grand total to 12.5lbs in 3 weeks – this is unbelievably amazing and I can’t quite believe it is true. I have 1.5 pounds to lose this week which I really hope that I will do so that will mean I have lost a stone in 4 weeks – how amazing is that?!

I am sort of starting to notice a difference in the way that my clothes are fitting but I am starting to regret not taking my measurements when  I started this whole thing as I would be able to see then. I hope that soon I will see more of an improvement n the coming weeks, ready for Amsterdamage and beyond where I can wear some clothes that are a) fashionable b) flattering and c) I look good in. Summer 2012 is going to be a different one for me, I can feel it in my fat insulated bones.

4 days at work to go…..

ZD x

Today’s Love/Lust list

Stats – Update.

How I Want, No, Need To See The World

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowline, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain

We have a relative from Australia staying with us at the moment, she arrived late last night and is a little ball of energy. She is my mum’s 2nd cousin’s daughter or something, but our family is so small she might as well be my 1st cousin. Mum is spending the next few days touring round the North West with her and showing her some of her dad’s old haunts, where he used to live and such. She left Oz at the beginning of December and has mad e her way west over the last 2 months. The first month she spent with some (now ex-) friends and she has spent the last month in Berlin on her own, having a whale of a time.

She is 22, so quite old in the traveller scheme of things but still 4 years younger than me. She is also tiny, like 5ft nothing and looks about 14. When I went to pick her up she has these 2 huge bags of stuff that has been her world for the past 2 months and I think she is pretty happy to be in a home rather than a hotel or hostel.

Hearing about her travels made me ask myself if I could ever do the travelling thing. Having a Gap Year was never something that was an option – my parents have never had many rules but one of them was I couldn’t break my education (they rightly feared that I would never return to get a degree). If I wanted to travel when I graduated then that was fine, providing I had saved up enough money to fund it.

But as you probably know, uni didn’t turn out the way I had hoped, so at 21 I still wasn’t in a position to see the world. Off I went to university mark 2 and spent 2 years getting an actual degree. Cut to 2009, I graduate and am about to turn 24 and the urge to go away had passed. I was too old for roughing it and if I was going to see the world it needed to be in hotels not dormitories.

I’ve never felt an urge to flee Europe. I’ve been to NYC and it was an experience I’ll never forget in a city I immediately fell in love with. I’d love to see more of America and South America (Jilly Cooper writing about Argentinian polo players has inspired me!) and of course one day I’d love to go and visit the distant relatives we have in Australia. But it has always been a “maybe one day” thing for me, never a “I need to do this now” thing.

Recent events have shown me that life is short, through our own doing or through actions entirely alien to us. Every day I head home bracing myself for more bad news. I need to start planning my life and having goals and not just meandering through life without any purpose. This weight loss is a massive ongoing goal for me, but aside from that I need to decide what I want to do with my life.

See the world. Move out of home. Get a new car. (Win the lottery?!) Live in a city for a while and move back to the country when I grow jaded. (Inspiration for that taken from this song, obviously).

Don’t live your life with regrets and no ambition. Do what you want to do and stuff the people who say you can’t. Get rid of the toxic relationships in your life and forge new friendships with people who see why you are ace. I’m beginning to realise through this process that I have a lot of people around me who love me to pieces, meaning those who are out to hurt me I do not need to keep around. I’d rather have a handful of great friends than lots of people I can only say hello to and not much else.


This week has been ok so far. Went out for a meal with Colour of Money (congrats on your news lady!!)  and Oh Em Geee. (Ha!). Gorgeous restaurant in Southport, modern with an Italian feel. Had 3 courses and splurged. The dessert was to die for. Definitely a good find and I think we will be returning.

Work has been pretty hardcore this week, effectively 4 team members down and me and Geeraffe holding the fort, pressure cooker-o-rama. Wedding on Saturday, 2 days off then I am counting down to the Lost Weekend, Wales and some well needed time at home.

Not sure how my weight loss will go this week. Ideally I want to lose 3 pounds then I only have 2 to go until I’ve lost a stone – unbelievable!!!


Thinking about: Broski and Saturday

Loves to: Mrs B, Mrs T2B, Patsy, COM, OMG

Planning: Trip to Wales in a few weeks, lovely Welsh comforts

Video of the day: Disney Gorgeousness

Song of the day: Friends, Friend Crush

How I Might Have a Twitch

“Whenever I feel afraid, I hold my head erect

And whistle a happy tune, so no one will suspect

I’m afraid” – The King and I

I seem to have developed a nervous twitch. Now that I have noticed that I do it, it seems to be getting worse. I have dropped myself in it on several occasions recently, including calling someone by their brother’s name (someone I have known all their life and most of mine) because I haven’t seen them in so long and asking after someone’s partner with whom they broke up over three years ago. The worst part was I knew they’d broken up but I had this massive brain fart and didn’t know what to say in that awkward lull in the conversation!

This twitch is that when I think about the embarrassment I felt I start to hum. No particular tune, just hum. It’s really odd! It’s spreading as well, when I watch something cringe worthy on the TV I start to hum, or when I’m nervous about meeting people this noise comes out of my mouth and I can’t help it! If anyone has any advice on what to do please, send it my way!

I have had such a busy 2 days, the first Open Weekend of the year and many people through the door. This is when I really love my job, the wide-eyed anticipation and excitement of the thought of getting married, nothing can beat it. And being able to show the house off was a brilliant moment, hopefully it will encourage people to come back and speak to us.

Gearing up for the first wedding of 2012 in 2 weeks which should be good fun. They are a great couple and I’ve seen the wedding from start to finish so it’s come full circle and I feel I know them really well which always helps when you have to run the biggest day of their lives so far.

Diet is going well. Being so busy at work I wasn’t able to eat as often as I would have liked, but I haven’t been super naughty (OK, the cupcake woman being at work was an awful awful temptation that I succumbed to, but still…..)

This week is going to be hard due to late night/early mornings (damn Geeraffe’s hols!), but am counting down to the #lostweekend in Manchester in 3 week’s time – I cannot wait.

Now, to bed for I have a long day tomorrow. Good, but long.



Sunday Schnugs: JJW, RFBM, BFF (always), the Policeman (you’re ace), Beav (you lickle star!), Geeraffe (ug, enjoy the hols if you must), Mrs B, Granny Pants (3 weeks..), Big Dipper (you know who you are. Get in my life. And out for the toxic waste!)

Video of the day: Baby Monkey

Song of the Day: Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye (Video without the creepy naked guy especially for Tails)

Hallelujah Moment: I have lost 6 pounds this week YES!