How A Bad Day Goes

“My soul is an island, my car is a Ford.” – She’s All That

Have just got in from a lovely meal for my Grandma’s 81st – ate far too much, drank far too much (totes forgot I wasn’t meant to be drinking till Feb, genuinely, which is scary!). Just a short and sweet post tonight as it’s after midnight and I have to get up in ooo 6 hours.

Mainly, please tell your friends and family how much you love them daily. If you think someone is a bit low try to find out why, don’t leave it to fester. Not going into detail but have had some shocking news tonight and I vow, once again, to see my friends and family as often as I can. A job isn’t everything in life but the people around me pretty much are. Without them I am nothing.

I don’t really feel like writing much tonight. I’ll be in higher spirits tomorrow as it’s the Open Weekend at work with the house, no doubt I will meet some characters..!

As I have said above, I ate too much tonight and I feel shocking. If you’d seen the menu presented to me I’d have challenged you to eat healthily! The place we went is super traditional, cream in everything and 4 courses!!! However, today is the equivalent of Sunday to me, I’m not making excuses I should have gone off menu, but I did change from crumble to meringue without cream for’s a start!

My cake went down well also, apparently the kitchen staff were also tucking in. I should have known from past experience it is a bad idea to ask the restaurant to portion any cake……

Anyway. I’m orf to Bedfordshire. Here is my picture of the day:

My Daily Mantra

Just for you RFBM



Love loves: The Policeman (need more of you in my life), The BFF (*squeeeeze*), RFBM (talk to me anytime xx)

Daily crushington: Adam Levine

underrated film of the day: Prime

Song I love but had forgotten about: Ghostwriter, RJD2